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Functional strength is the ability to move your body in all direction with control and force - the capacity to use muscular effort to exert power against external resistance. It stimulates the neutral, hormonal, muscular and skeletal systems and has many varied benefits. Those who regularly participate in functional strength training also tend to gain the added bonus of an aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical, athletic and lean physique.


Being injured or experiencing trigger points pain can be very painful and frustrating. This would prevent you from doing your daily necessary chore or exercises. We are certified and trained to help you in your rehab, addressing many components of fitness in rehab: 
"Strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, power, agility, coordination, quickness and cardiovascular endurance are all important". The exercises you do in rehab therapy are to reteach your muscles the proper way to function. Using the best progression of exercises, these muscles are able to work more effectively during injury healing and prevention.


Kinetic Link training is a systematic approach to bio-mechanically balanced, a full-body resistance training. Achieve fantastic physical performance results, plus great long-term health and well-being. We develop strong; toned; energized body, which moves with ease; efficiency and control. It is a system whereby everyone would benefit from the training including athletes improving sports specific performance, those who wants to lose weight and tone up ( as it involves so many muscle groups in a single exercise ), post injury rehabilitation - KLT has injury specific programs to strengthen and rehabilitate the knees, lower back and shoulders. It is also beneficial following ankle, hip and neck injuries. Muscle and joint pains often due to postural related, coming from muscle imbalances. KLT works by strengthening the weak muscles to balance your body.


Athletes of all levels should include a prehab program in their training. The more advanced the athlete, the greater the need for a prehab program. An athlete's body matures within a sport, their body adapts to the physical demands of training. Too often repetitive movements and the daily stresses of training cause negative effects within their bodies. This limited training technique may cause tightness of muscle groups, imbalances of strength, coordination or muscle stabilization.


We provide Functional training for kids between age of 7 to 12 as well as to teenagers. Be in 1 on 1 or in a small group, training would be fun and innovative. Beside training them to be stranger, faster and move better we also train with tennis balls to help them to coordinate well with their eyes and hands. In short, we would help them neurologically as well as physically.


Private One to one yoga practice at your comfort home or premise. Customized to individual body type.
Yoga Style - Beginner/ Hatha/ Flow/ Yin with Myofascial release.


Join a group class, get a few friends to enjoy and stretch to a healthier lifestyle together. We meet up once a week at outdoor park or your comfort home/premise. Contact us for more info.
Yoga Style: Beginner/ Hatha/ Flow/ Yin



Functional Strength

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